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The owners who decide to entrust us with the administration of their warehouses have the peace of mind to receive their rent, on time, every month, without worry.

Our model is unique; we ensure a stable income.

Our panel of tenants is very diversified, with strong transnational companies. We look for a long-term relationship with them and the best proof is what they say about us

Eduardo Tovar, Director of TAKAOKAYA DE MEXICO (subsidiary of the Japanese group): “Excellent relationship and personalized service, aware of the tenant’s requirements at all times.”

Guillermo Zamudio, Director of BOLLHOFF S.A. of C.V. (subsidiary of the Böllhoff GmbH group): “An excellent long-term relationship, based on seriousness, honesty, service and competitiveness”

Thierry De Alba, Director of AJAX TOCCO DE MEXICO (affiliate of the American group): “The attention, service and warmth that they have given us over the years has always been first class.”

Rogelio Gutiérrez, Director of KATAYAMA MEXICO (subsidiary of the Japanese group): “SPH Group® is a business partner for us, they have great flexibility to adjust to our needs and have earned our trust.”